• Ground work

      Ground work

      South African miners are hunkering down amid tough economic conditions, but they should emerge better prepared for future growth

    • Land of hope

      Land of hope

      South Africa, with its vast resources, holds much potential but several unique challenges need to be addressed to ensure economic prosperity

    • Law of attraction

      Law of attraction

      Amendments to South Africa’s legislative landscape must consider the needs of people and planet, as well as acting as an enabling policy for the sector

    • Natural selection

      Natural selection

      Diamonds may be going through a rough patch, but their exclusivity and uniqueness will prevail

    • Thirsty business

      Thirsty business

      By improving its water efficiencies, the mining industry can go a long way towards helping its neighbours

    • Critical elements

      Critical elements

      South Africa’s mining sector is diverse enough to face future uncertainties with vigour

    • Care package

      Care package

      Mines are acting as a force for good by helping communities fight off disease

    • Amped up

      Amped up

      Miners are stepping in to ensure sustainable and reliable energy supply in South Africa

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