• Ticking all the boxes

    Digby Wells offers world-class environmental and social expertise to the resources industry, with a focus on Africa.

    Founded in 1995, Digby Wells Environmental (Digby Wells) is a leading global environmental consultancy that has consistently provided fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and legally compliant environmental and social solutions to its clients for more than 22 years.

    A multidisciplinary team of integrated in-house professionals provides comprehensive solutions to Africa’s resources industry. Clients include the largest multinational, mid-tier and junior mining companies. It also presents complete solutions to the complexities of the oil and gas sector for upstream, midstream and downstream operations, as well as for the energy (including renewable) sector. Projects are undertaken in accordance with in-country legal requirements and international standards. Digby Wells complies with the requirements of the South African Mining Charter and new Codes of Good Practice with respect to ownership, and it is a Level 2 BEE contributor.

    Services are provided throughout the entire life cycle of an operation, from early engagement prior to exploration, securing of exploration rights, services during the exploration phase, pre-feasibility studies, definitive feasibility studies, construction, operational phase, closure planning and implementation, as well as post-closure monitoring.

    Digby Wells’ team of fauna, flora, aquatic and wetland ecologists offers ecologically sustainable solutions by assessing all biophysical/ecological components, such as landscapes, communities, species, populations and individual organisms to determine ecological processes.

    The Environmental and Legal Services team focuses on management of environmental processes; co-ordination of projects; compilation of environmental documentation; and product development, including the management of specialist teams required to conduct large-scale environmental and social projects, as well as the compilation of the environmental reports to be submitted to the relevant authorities for authorisation.

    Planning for project closure is a critical component of environmental management in the resources industry. Both nationally and internationally, industry-leading practice requires that planning for project closure start before operations commence, and continue throughout the life of the project until final closure. Digby Wells’ integrated team of soils, rehabilitation and closure specialists offer cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

    The Social and Heritage Department recognises that the viability and sustainability of a project often depends on the extent to which the needs and concerns of local communities are taken into account, as well as whether the negative impacts of the project on these communities are adequately mitigated. A multidisciplinary team of social scientists and heritage practitioners delivers and adds value to the paradigm of ‘social license to operate’ by providing appropriate social services and facilitating interaction between the client, host communities, regulators and other stakeholders to develop and ensure long-term sustainable solutions.

    The value of geographic information systems (GIS) lies in cost savings achieved from greater efficiency; more extensive project insight, (which enhances decision-making); real-time information and archived record keeping, (which improves overall communication); and sound environmental management and planning.

    By harnessing the power of GIS, combined with Digby Wells’ highly-skilled and dedicated multi-disciplinary team of environmental professionals, clients are provided with superior and holistic, pragmatic solutions throughout the project life cycle.

    Digby Wells’ integrated hydrology, hydro-geology and geochemistry specialist team offers sustainable solutions for water quality and quantity management, ensuring overall compliance to international good practice and local legislative standards.

    Digby Wells provides tailor-made noise and air-quality solutions that address complex environmental challenges. It has the in-house capability to offer noise monitoring and modelling services in support of environmental noise-impact assessments, while internationally recognised equipment and software, Digby Wells provides qualitative and quantitative noise assessments.

    Digby Wells has offices in the UK, Jersey, Mali and Gaborone, in addition to Johannesburg and Pretoria, with staff sourced locally to ensure a more thorough understanding of local factors.

    The firm is also a registered environmental and social services provider within the DRC, Senegal, Ghana and Liberia, with plans for further expansion into Africa.

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