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    Triple 3 Group offers a comprehensive suite of services that ensure high-quality results in property development

    Over the past 25 years, the Triple 3 Group has been the construction partner in numerous successful property-development schemes, including schools, housing developments, industrial and commercial complexes, churches and so on. Among these is the recently completed R220 million Stadio tertiary education campus in Centurion, South Africa. Triple 3 highlights this project as a major success.

    Triple 3 Group is home to an industry-leading offering in the consulting engineering, project management, construction and turn-key property-development industries. Established to provide high-quality results for clients, while also benefiting the wider communities in which it operates, this engineering, project management and construction specialist works hard to build lasting relationships.

    In Centurion, Triple 3 worked alongside educational investment business Stadio Holdings to build a new 14 000 m2 campus designed to provide space for the training of new teachers, as well as a school of commerce and other courses.

    Triple 3 Group was engaged on a design-construct basis and its appointment included project management, engineering designs for all disciplines, as well as construction of buildings and bulk infrastructure. It also played a fundamental role in conceptualising the development and working hand-in-glove with its client Stadio Holdings in fitting out the facility, while ticking off all the regulatory boxes.

    Triple 3 Group offers clients tailor-made and integrated project solutions co-ordinated from a central office

    ‘Our focus is on a holistic project solution that integrates the processes from inception to completion to ensure successful delivery,’ says CEO Gawie le Roux. ‘As a group founded on the principles of integration, we recognise that each project plays a role in the world beyond our clients’ objectives. We bring a tailor-made and integrated approach to each project through our centralised project management office. In all our project management solutions, we give you peace of mind in knowing that your project is in the hands of industry experts.

    ‘Our diverse professional network of specialists operates within the built environment, enabling us to offer our clients the best possible solution to any problem. The simplest solutions are often the best. By minimising the contact points involved in a project, we streamline processes and simplify the entire experience.’

    The R220 million development was planned pre-COVID and had to change method mid-contract, switching from a large single build to a phased approach. Rather than panicking and allowing the challenges of such a concept to take over, Le Roux and team quickly adjusted and worked hard to meet the unforeseen changes the pandemic imposed on the needs of the client.

    According to Stadio Holdings COO Johan Human, Triple 3 is unique as they have a whole host of sub-contractors with very specialised skills that are managed very well. ‘I really appreciate their openness as a contractor to partner and not just build something generic,’ he says. ‘There’s a sense of partnership around doing something excellent for the client. They have worked extensively in the education industry, and they understand the space in which education takes place.

    ‘Other Stadio developments are in the pipeline as the company looks to upscale its student numbers over the next few years. Triple 3 will remain the contractor of choice for any complex construction projects.’

    Triple 3 Group’s client-centric approach, driven by innovation and full collaboration, ensures excellence

    Triple 3 Group is a collective group of companies operating in the built environment across the African continent. The group realises the client’s vision by offering tailor-made and integrated project solutions through a centralised project management office, which oversees the three fundamental business silos, namely town planning, engineering services and bulk infrastructure, and property development and buildings.

    Through its integrated project-management solutions, Triple 3 has access to a diverse professional network of specialists that suit each project’s unique needs. It cuts out the unnecessary loops and transitions between service providers, simplifying the project and managing every aspect from one point. In each project, Triple 3 ensures that the client remains an active part of the project as it works in close collaboration with them.

    ‘Our service excellence is made possible through our client-centric approach, driven by innovation and full collaboration between Triple 3, our unique BEE network and you,’ according to Le Roux. ‘Let us help you realise your vision.’

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