• Value chain

      Value chain

      African countries are eager to process raw minerals locally to help strengthen their own economies.

    • Next generation

      Next generation

      Zambia is addressing the commodities downturn by introducing reforms to help stimulate its mining industry.

    • Alternative thinking

      Alternative thinking

      As electricity increasingly becomes more expensive, miners are looking to renewable energy sources to electrify their operations.

    • Showing its metal

      Showing its metal

      Emerging South African miners may have made a clever bet on manganese, despite the weak world economy.

    • Core innovation

      Core innovation

      With the ever-growing spotlight on environmental accountability, miners look to solutions that ensure their operations are cost effective and energy efficient.

    • On the mend

      On the mend

      Mineral-rich Guinea – struck by decades of poor governance and, more recently, Ebola – has made extensive economic reforms and is showing signs of progress.

    • The golden rule

      The golden rule

      It is imperative that the continent strives for more transparency in regulations and advances increased investor-friendly legislation.

    • In training

      In training

      Upskilling workers is crucial to the future of the African mining industry and companies are instituting a range of programmes to accomplish this.

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    • Deep impact

      Deep impact

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    • Team spirit

      Team spirit

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