• Well covered

      Well covered

      Companies have been proactive in improving the health of their employees – not only at work but in surrounding communities too.

    • A small world

      A small world

      There are huge potential benefits for the industry if artisanal operations can be effectively regulated and monitored.

    • An electric moment

      An electric moment

      Just how far away is the technology that could provide for an entire mine to be run on sustainable, renewable energy?

    • Digging deeper

      Digging deeper

      In South Africa’s mining industry, restructuring has been on the agenda of major companies, while some are also on the acquisition trail.

    • Law of the land

      Law of the land

      Regulatory certainty and comprehensive, clear legislation will help stimulate Africa’s mining and minerals sectors.

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    • Model operation

      Model operation

      Richards Bay Minerals emphasises partnerships with employees and communities to create value and enhance... Read more
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